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Hello! I’m Vova


Hello, and welcome to my world of photography!

My journey in wedding photography began in 2013, igniting my passion for adventure and the art of capturing moments. Through the lens, I discovered the enchantment of light and the emotions it can convey. As my love for photography grew, so did my desire to explore new perspectives and create captivating visual stories.

Based in the vibrant city of New York, I call the United States my canvas. While I frequently capture beautiful moments in cities like New York, CA, FL, NC, I am always eager to travel to any corner of the country to be a part of your special day.


My mission is clear and ambitious: I aim to narrate your love story through the lens of my unique vision, transcending the boundaries of traditional wedding photography. I believe that wedding photography should be anything but mundane. My goal is not merely to take pictures; it’s to craft artworks that will astonish you, revealing the essence of your being, unfolding stories that go beyond the visible, and immersing your loved ones into your world, a world for two. Through these photographs, I strive to evoke your emotions.

At the core of my craft lies an unquenchable love for life, my family, my wife, and my daughter. Cherishing the precious moments, love, and distinct memories entrusted to me is a privilege that continually fuels my dedication.

I am a purveyor of genuine aesthetics and an heir of the intellectual pursuit of beauty. Raised in an environment steeped in art and a reverence for beauty, I offer a distinctive perspective that clients seek. I do not compete on price; instead, I invest in delivering the highest quality work, with honesty, and unwavering commitment to meet your expectations.

Thank you for considering me to be a part of your memorable journey. Together, we will capture the moments that define your love story, creating lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

ABOUT ME. Wedding photographer New York, North and South Carolina, Florida

My Everything

I have been thinking for a long time what is the best way to show and tell in the section about me, first I made a short story and my photo, then I thought that you can get to know me better by seeing a photo of my family! The most important part in life for me is my family, my wife Olya and the most important baby Beata, my boundless love and pride! They made me who I am today.

I really want every customer of mine to see that I have family-related values, this is so important, because I will be able to feel you and your family and make the most important shots, which after 20-30-50 years will also be filled with emotions, love, elegance, romance and your smiles!

ABOUT ME. Wedding photographer New York, North and South Carolina, Florida

Complimentary Engagement Session — For 2024-2025 season only! (8 or more hours*)

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