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Hello! I’m Vova



I am so happy that you found me! My adventures in wedding photography began back in 2013. It was then that I discovered my passion for adventure and photography. It was then that my fascination with light and the feelings reflected in the photo was born. And then I started dreaming about new and interesting ways to see the world through my camera. This passion has led me to some of the most impressive places on earth, to amazing people, feelings and emotions that young people give at every event where I have the opportunity to work. I live and work in New York, but ready to be your wedding photographer anywhere in the United States of America. Every year I have a lot of shoots in New York, LA, Miami, Charlotte and Chicago.  But I also visit other states and is always available to work at your wedding.


My goal is bold and simple; I want to tell your love story with the help of my vision, which goes beyond the ordinary wedding photography. I believe that wedding photography should not be simple and boring. I don’t just want to take photos for you, I want to give you works of art that will blow your mind, that will tell you about the essence of who you are, tell a story beyond what you see, and move all your friends and acquaintances into your world, a world for two, so that with the help of photos they we could feel your emotions.

At the heart of my art is an insatiable love for life, for my family, wife and daughter. I cherish the life, love and unique memories that you trust me with. It’s an honor that always inspires me to work.

ABOUT ME. Wedding photographer New York, Florida, California

My Everything

I have been thinking for a long time what is the best way to show and tell in the section about me, first I made a short story and my photo, then I thought that you can get to know me better by seeing a photo of my family! The most important part in life for me is my family, my wife Olya and the most important baby Beata, my boundless love and pride! They made me who I am today.

I really want every customer of mine to see that I have family-related values, this is so important, because I will be able to feel you and your family and make the most important shots, which after 20-30-50 years will also be filled with emotions, love, elegance, romance and your smiles!

ABOUT ME. Wedding photographer New York, Florida, California

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